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The APN was established in 1970 by the erudite scholars of psychiatry in Nigeria after mooting the idea for one year. The path since then has been shaped by successive administrations headed at different times by several great men and women e.g. Dr (Mrs) Adamson - from 1991-2001. The members of the association consist of psychiatrists and registered affiliates from all over the country and they are domiciled within federal and state government as well as private hospitals.

The mission and goals of the APN include:

• To foster closer working relationship among psychiatrists in the country
• To promote exchange of ideas among peers
• To improve the capacity for research in the country
• To collaborate and affiliate when necessary with other medical societies around the globe particularly those in the mental health sciences
• To facilitate the training of psychiatrists in Nigeria
• To help to improve mental health care in the country
• To disseminate information about the causes and treatment of mental illness among the general populace
• To facilitate Continuing Medical Education among psychiatrists and other mental health workers
• To maintain a high standard of professional ethics, conduct and practiceamong psychiatrists in Nigeria

The principal activities of the APN among others include:

• • Executive Committee meetings
• Organization of conferences, workshops and seminars on current topical mental health issues through zonal activities
• Organization of Annual Conferences and Annual General Meetings
• Organization and provision of co-ordinated mental health services, training and research by maintaining local and international links with Government and Non-Governmental organizations and agencies
• Ongoing work with the legislative arm of government to amend the century old Mental Health Decree/Act

The main committees of the APN include:

• The Public Enlightenment Committee
• The Education Committee
• The Editorial and Publication Committee
• The Business Committee
• The Committee for Zonal Activities

The Publications for the Association include:

• The Psychiatric Bulletin
• The Nigerian Journal of Psychiatry

We felt the risky environment and circumstances for children over the world. Then we started working for them in a
village. Day after day, we received a delightful response from the people who keep our thinking in their mind. Now
we are helping children in more than 100 countries and huge volunteers are working worldwide.